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Tipo di bicicletta:
Dimensioni telaio
  • 43 cm
  • 48 cm
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38 cm:
6-10 Giorni Lavorativi ²
Numero dell'articolo: M42070135
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Ulteriori informazioni

Marchio Centurion
Sesso Unisex
Peso 14.9
Tipo di bicicletta Mountainbike
Impiego Enduro
Colore Antracite, Verde
Anno del modello 2019
Altre caratteristiche del telaio CENTURION Trailbanger
Forcella Rock Shox Yari RC 35 Crown adjust
Cssetta Sram RD GX Eagle
Guarnitura Sram FC GX Eagle, 32 Teeth
Movimento centrale Sram PF GXP BB92 Press-Fit
Catena Sram GX Eagle
Tipo di manubrio PROCRAFT Riser OS
Pipa manubrio PROCRAFT Enduro diameter: 35mm | 0° Stem Angle
Tipo pipa manubrio Ahead
Angolo pipa manubrio No
Serie sterzo FSA NO.55E / BB-410-SL
Manopole PROCRAFT Standard / Clamp
Tipo di reggisella PROCRAFT D-SP.RI [lowered, integrated], diameter: 31,6
Freno Shimano BR-M640
Tipo di freno anteriore Freno a disco idraulico
Tipo di leva del freno Shimano BL-M640
Tipo mozzo anteriore Sram HUB MT Spoke Holes, 716 32 Spoke Holes, BLK
Tipo di mozzo posteriore Sram HUB MT Spoke Holes, 746 32 Spoke Holes, BLK XD
Cerchi PROCRAFT by Alexrims MD 30, IW30
Misura cerchio 27.5 pollici
Pedali Pedali inclusi nella consegna

Mountainbike Trailbanger 2000 made by Centurion

"Bikes since 1976", in these simple words is for Centurion over 40 years of success. From day one, CENTURION understands that a bicycle can only bring fun and enjoyment to its owner if it has been developed, built and distributed with just as much fun and friendliness. It is precisely for this reason that people working there, who live the topic of cycling beyond their professional life, work there. Whether you are a developer, designer, marketing or sales professional, responsible for assembly, service or customer service, or a senior executive: CENTURION rides a bicycle!

This idea begins with the then founder Wolfgang Renner. Because his thinly frosted crosswheel was not suitable for the Karwendel circuit, which was so much appreciated by him, Renner launched the first German mountain bike in 1982, the CENTURION Country. The creations of his team also personally tested Renner from the beginning on spectacular adventures around the world. Nothing less than the Himalayas went from Lhasa to Kathmandu in Tibet in 1987 as a test of endurance for a model that is now legendary that year.

The lessons learned from such journeys are still in the bicycles of CENTURION: a bike has to support its driver optimally, be technically reliable and last forever. Centurion sums up this philosophy succinctly with "Passion for Design, Perfection and Quality". The features behind it make a CENTURION so special: it fits, it works - and it stays that way. Because behind the brand are passionate people who know what's important in a good bike.

Please note

  • CENTURION bicycles are generally not intended for use in fixed roller coaches. The forces on the rear triangle, which are greatly increased compared to outdoor operation, can lead to failure of the frame. Therefore, do not use your CENTURION bike in a trainer, in which it is clamped in some form. Use on free roller coaches is allowed.
  • CENTURION bicycles that are used in extreme driving situations or in competition require a significantly increased ability of the driver. Not all CENTURION bicycles are suitable for such applications. Ask your CENTURION dealer before such an assignment. If you choose to do such a job, you voluntarily take a much increased risk of injury, which can eventually lead to death. In addition, you expose your CENTURION bike to increased loads and thus accept a significantly reduced service life of the CENTURION bike.
  • In many magazines, advertisements, catalogs or films drivers are shown in extreme driving situations. These are professionals who have been through years of training on a tremendous driving skills. Always defend your own boundaries defensively; Do not overestimate yourself. Always wear appropriate protective clothing. But even the best protective clothing can not protect you from serious injury or even death if you perform extreme maneuvers or participate in competitions.

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