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ID Produttore 267442
Marchio Scott
Modello Scale 900 Elite
Sesso Unisex
Tipo di bicicletta Mountainbike
Impiego Competizione, Cross country, Downhill, Sport
Colore Nero, Verde
Anno del modello 2018
Modello telaio Telaio hardtail
Materiale telaio Carbone
Altre caratteristiche del telaio Scale 3 Carbon | IMP technology | MF | BB92 | SW DM dropouts for Boost 12x148mm | SDS2 advanced Shock & Standing Damping System | ICCR Cable routing
Tipo di forcella Forcella a sospensione
Fabbricante forcella Rock Shox
Forcella Judy Gold RL Solo Air 15x110mm QR axle | tapered steerer Reb. Adj. | Lockout
Sospensione in mm 100mm
Numero di rapporti 20
Marchio cambio Shimano
Tipo di cambio XT RD-M781-10SGS Shadow
Deragliatore Shimano Deore FD-M6020-10D | side swing
Marchio leva del cambio Shimano
Leva del cambio Deore SL-M6000 | Rapidfire plus 2 way release
Marchio cassetta Sram
Cssetta PG1130
Trasmissione cassetta 11-42
Marchio guarnitura Shimano
Guarnitura FC-MT500-10
Moltiplica - Denti corona 1 36
Moltiplica - Denti corona 2 26
Marchio movimento centrale Shimano
Movimento centrale BB-MT500-PA / shell 41x89.5mm
Marchio catena Sram
Catena PC1110
Marchio del manubrio Syncros
Tipo di manubrio T-Bar | Alloy 6061 T shape Flat | 9° | 720mm
Modello manubrio Manubrio flat
Pipa manubrio 6061 Alloy oversize 31.8mm | 1/18" | 6° angle
Marchio pipa manubrio Syncros
Angolo pipa manubrio No
Serie sterzo Syncros Pro Drop in | Tapered 1.5" - 1 1/8"
Sella Syncros XR2.5
Diametro reggisella 31.6 x 400mm
Marchio reggisella Syncros
Marchio del freno anteriore Sram
Freno M315 Disc | SM-RT10 CL Rotor
Tipo di freno anteriore Freno a disco idraulico
Diametro del freno anteriore 180mm
Marchio del freno posteriore Sram
Freno (posteriore) M315 Disc | SM-RT10 CL Rotor
Tipo di freno posteriore Freno a disco idraulico
Diametro disco dei freni posteriori 160mm
Marchio cerchio Syncros
Cerchi X-25 | 32H
Misura cerchio 29 pollici
Raggi Stainless Black 15G / 1.8mm
Marchio penumatico anteriore Schwalbe
Pneumatico (anteriore) Rapid Rob | 50EPI
Dimensioni pneumatico anteriore 29 pollici
Larghezza pneumatici anteriori 2,25 pollici
Marchio pnaumatico posteriore Schwalbe
Pneumatico (posteriore) Rapid Rob | 50EPI
Dimensioni pneumatico posteriore 29 pollici
Larghezza pneumatico posteriore 2.25 pollici
Pedali Pedali non inclusi nella consegna
Illuminiazione Senza illuminazione

Hardtail Mountainbike Scott Scale 900 Elite

The SCOTT Scale 900 Elite has geometry inspired by racing at the highest level. A Shimano XT drivetrain and Syncros components combine to give you a hard tail that is just itching to finish first.

SDS2 Shock Damping System

Racers will attest that ride comfort is an essential element of performance. During the development of a hardtail frame, it is essential to distinguish the areas of the frame optimized for comfort from the ones more related to the stiffness.

Many brands in the market offer different solutions to improve those aspects but most of them are limited only to a component or a specific area of the frame. With SCOTT SDS2 technology we go beyond this approach, reinventing the concept of comfort on hardtail frames without adding additional parts or sacrificing pedaling stiffness.To reach our goal, we ran analysis and testing to optimize different shapes of the tubes on the whole frame along with accurate alignment of the carbon fibers. The result on the new Scale frame is specific, controlled flex in areas that increase rider comfort and guarantee optimal absorption of vibrations not only on the saddle but also when the riders standing up on the pedals.

This approach to comfort must not only accommodate the lightest weight attainable, but also maintain stiffness for the sake of pedal efficiency. Further, superior rigidity of the frame ensures accurate handling in the steeper sections. In the new Scale we’ve considered all these aspects to avoid any undesired flexion that would affect performances either climbing or descending.

Evo-Lap technology

With the proper selection of materials, eighty percent of the work to create a frame is done. But the remaining twenty percent requires most of our efforts. For this reason, our choice of the most advanced carbon fibers in the market is followed by intensive use of specific tools, like FEA(finite element analysis) software, to map out the carbon lay-up.

With FEA software, we can simulate different forces on a virtual model of the frame and adjust the frame construction accordingly. FEA software enables us to create complete virtual prototypes incorporating all the physical phenomena that exist in real-world environments.

With our Evo-Lap technology we model the frame to optimize the surfacearea, simulate tube structures with different ply orientations, observethe results of using diff erent configurations, and test the stress distribution in different areas of the frame. Thanks to this extensive computer modeling, we’ve optimized the carbon layers in all the parts of our frame. When the parts were bonded together in the first prototypes, the result was a super light and compact frame without a sacrifice in the stiffness, comfort or impact resistance. The entire range benefitted from our EvoLap technology.

BOOST Technology

Boost is a hub and drivetrain standard developed by SRAM. Boost is built around a wider rear and front hub and enables stiffer wheels due to a wider spoke bracing angle. Boost 148 rear hubs move each flange of the rear hub three millimeters wider.

Boost is designed as a complete system so drivetrain performance isn’t compromised. Even though Boost pushes the cogs three millimeters outboard, the crankarm Q-Factor remains the same as the Boost system’s crankset utilizes front chainrings that sit a corresponding 3mm outward to ensure the required chainline. Boost cranks can onlybe used when paired with a 148mm hub. On the front the hub spacing is increased by 10mm to 110mm. Increased wheel stiffness and greater clearance for bigger tires are the main advantages of Boost technology. On our bikes, we wanted to go beyond the basics and reap all the benefits of this innovation by optimizing frame design and geometry.The 3 mm outboard chain ring adds clearance in the chain stay area that allows a substantial increase of the chain stay tube cross-section. Correspondingly,the stiffness in this part of the frame improves. Also, with a wider range of positions for the rear wheel, the frame geometry can be adjusted. We can shorten the chainstays for more agile handling.

SW Dropouts

On the Scale, Spark and Genius we’ve redesigned all the parts that can give us significant benefits in terms of performance and functionality. On the previous model the support of the dropout was a bulky additional part molded to the carbon chain stay. The new dropouts are designed to be integrated on the thru-axle system thanks to a hollow tubular design that allows a simple and light weight structure. Available for SRAM and Shimano DM derailleurs, this dropout increases the stiffnessand avoids damage to the frame in case of impacts on the rear derailleur.

29 Wheels

Improved roll-over is the most noticeable attribute when it comes to 29” wheels. The big wheels are great for rolling over nasty roots and rocky sections, essentially making it easier to ride these conditions. Improved traction is also a key factor with the increased wheel diameter compared to 27.5” wheels as tire contact to the ground is larger.

  • Best Roll-Over Performance
  • Carries Momentum
  • Maximum Traction surface
  • Best stability on easy trails
  • Lowest suspension stress
  • Great for larger frame sizes
  • Increase stability on long curve

ICCR Cable routing

On the Scale, Spark and Genius, to provide a clean look and a functional solution for all the different control cable standards on the market, cable routing is fully internal and designed for full length cable housing. Routing the cables internally omits bulky external hardware and looks cleaner. The cables can endure a longer lifetime as they are protected within the frame. The entry points are machined alloy removable inserts that come along with the frame and can be chosen according to the setup of the bike. Assembling an electronic group or a dropper post will not be a problem and the look will always be clean-cut.

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